23 September, 2011

Early Surprise: Black Hornbills

16th September  2011, Kemensah, Selangor


I haven’t been to Kemensah for over a month  and this visit yielded a big surprise, a Black Hornbill (Anthracoceros malayanus). There were three birds,  two males and a female, perched high on  a large tree  against strong backlighting. Took this shot from a distance for fear of missing the chance of recording my first Hornbill in Kemensah. This is a variant species with the white supercillium.




  1. That was a good find, I m yet to see a Black Hornbill at close range.
    Choo Eng

  2. Great capture Madi, Kemensah surely has lots to offer...

  3. Tq Choo Eng, Ari. Its always exciting to see a hornbill even from afar.

  4. Pakai ISO400 f8 sebab light mencukupi dan subject terlalu jauh. Kalau nak crop banyak avoid noise.