16 May, 2011

Pygmy Wren-Babbler

7th May 2011, Old Pump House Road, Gohtong Jaya, Pahang

Scientific name: Pnoepyga pusilla

It was semi-darkness;  that’s how I would describe the condition I was shooting in. This tiny bird loves this dimly lit  and moist environment. When she finally emerged  I could only see a dark object ( the bird) moving around in the dark. Most of the time I wasn’t sure what the camera  was focusing on, it was a case of  fire & hope that at the end of the session there would be something ‘useable’ on the card.

After an hour long wait, these are the results. Out of 40 odd photos, only  4 are worth posting. The exposures have been adjusted substantially  so that the bird would  actually be visible!

This is a pale morph adult, she measures between 7.5-9.5cm.


Exif data: ISO 1600, f/4, 1/40s ( no flash)




Focus was  a real issue since I found out later that the camera was selecting anything  that was brighter than the bird. I got lucky with the first two photos when the focus was spot on.



  1. Your pictures encourages us to look in to the nature & to appreciate it. Was there at Kl in April & traveled Genting Highlands.Hope in the next visit to get some Malaysian bird watching advice from you. Lovely pictures & Great work have done.Well Done...!!!

  2. Fot this kind of bird, the photos are regarded excellent already. Congrats!

  3. bang - candik (RW Bulbul) tu ada satu family kat Pjaya..not so friendly...klu nak cuba...dtg ler..salam

  4. handsome capture tuan...well done...

  5. Great job in a really challenging condition