01 November, 2010

2nd Time Lucky: Black-Thighed Falconet

31st October 2010, Old Pump House Road, Genting Highland, Pahang


I looked from my  bedroom  window and saw that  the hills of Genting was very clear, no fog and no signs of possible rain. OK Genting it is for today, It’s been more than a year since my last trip  to this location.

Yes it was a bright and clear day when I arrived at the gates around 7.40am,  Pretty quiet, I just hoped that it wouldn’t be a day of many NOs …… No fog No mist No rain No joggers and……. No birds!  About 1 km along the road I  saw her, high up on a dead tree trunk, a lone Black-Thighed Falconet. She’s one of the smallest raptors in the world. Just too high for any good photos. Then proceeded along the track to shoot other birds in a bird wave.


I saw her again on my way back, about 150m from the entrance gate. This time I was in luck, she was only about 30 ft away and just slightly above my eye level!  Shot a few frames but I wasn’t too happy , too many obstructions. In case you’re wondering why check out the video!


Managed to find a location with cleaner foreground & background.






  1. Great catch, manfrotto lived up to the ad!

  2. Oh my! Excellent catch! I would give up the BEKF for this! LOL

  3. You just made me google this bird Madi. It's only 6inches long, pretty superb shots i'd say.