19 October, 2009

Asian Paradise-Flycatcher

17th October 2009, Kemensah, Selangor male Asian Paradise flycatcher Lifer:  Asian Paradise-Flycatcher (Terpsiphone paradisi) local name: Murai Ekor Gading. A male ( inceri ) with long tail feathers. ( Very noisy long-range shot without flash taken  on  Saturday 17.10.09).

These are migrant birds probably just passing through. They are  very tough to photograph as they  are almost constantly moving.


Unsure  of the gender (taken 17.10.09). The  male starts breeding while still in female-like plumage with short tail.


This is most probably a female (taken on Sunday 18.10.09).






  1. I missed this beautiful bird that sunday.

  2. great find, and with many migrating birds are passing thru...we will be treated with more good photos to come.

  3. that one was female. male got long white tail.

  4. TQ Anonymous. You are refering to the male white 'morph' which is all white except the head.
    The tail of this male inceri has not grown the full length but one can already see that the two trailing tail feathers have started to grow (compare this to the bottom right photo which is the normal length of tail for a female).
    I would say that the top left and bottom left are also male.